Existing Projects

Hydropower is a predictable, renewable energy source.  Our proposed new projects meet Washington State I-937 Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements.

Proposed Projects:

Generation from Irrigation

Renewable Green Power

Summer Falls Power Plant


An article about CB Hydropower and our proposed projects was published in the Irrigation Leader Magazine - Volume 6, Issue 8 - September 2015.  You can download it by clicking here.

CB Hydropower provides administration, operations, and maintenance for hydroelectric facilities owned by the three Columbia Basin Irrigation Districts.  The generation we produce benefits the local economy and the farmers of the Columbia Basin.

  • PEWC 1973 Drop
  • Scooteney Inlet Drop
  • PE 16.4 Wasteway
  • PE 46A Wasteway
  • Pinto Dam
  • Banks Lake - Alternatives 1 & 2

An article about our proposed North Dam Pumped Storage project was published in The Star newspaper on June 22, 2016.  You can download it by clicking here.